Friendship Day Activities, Celebration & Party Ideas

Friendship Day Activities, Celebration and Party Ideas

Want to make this year’s friendship a very special day in your life?? Looking for some friendship day activities and celebration or party ideas?? Then, this is the right place for you. Celebrating friendship is a great occasion and makes it memorable in your life. One of the best ways to celebrate the event is gathering all your friends at one place, and doing some friendship day activities and celebrations. If you are not getting any ideas on which activities to choose for happy friendship day 2017, we can help you. Here we have come up with all the activities that you can do on this friendship day and enjoy the day celebrating with all your friends. So, go through them and collect all those activities that you would like to do on this friendship day and move ahead.

Friendship Day 2017

Friendship Day 2017 Activities and Celebration Ideas

  • Start with gathering all your friends at a place and plan a picnic with them to a favorite spot at the nearby place. Freak out with fun, food and music. Invite all your best and close buddies to the picnic. Get some friendship day movies and watch them together eating popcorn, junk foods etc. Go for boating, rifting and enjoy all the time. This will be a great friendship day activity and idea.

  • Present your friends a friendship day gift or write a friendship card, tie bands and express your love on them. Give them a warm hug and let them know how special you are for them.

  • Go for outing for the places like beaches or parks and play beach games or golf etc. spending all the day with your friends. Take short breaks and play some funny jokes for relaxation.
  • Visit a photo studio and take some beautiful pictures with your friends and enjoy. This will be a beautiful memory for all of you.
  • Call to a radio station and dedicate a good friendship song for all your friends and make them surprise them on the friendship day if you are far away from your friends.
  • If you are busy even on the friendship day, at least plan for a dinner. Invite all your friends to the dinner or host a dinner party and have a fun filled night with them at the friendship day dinner party.
  • Call all your old friends and make them reach to the friendship day celebrations at your home at any cost and share all the beautiful memories happened between you and your friends.
  • Make a CD with all the friendship day songs that defines the friendship and gift it to all the friends you like the most or make a special friendship day book including beautiful quotes, your photos, and some pomes that define friendship and give them as special gift.
  • Go to some favorite sports events or some entertainments shows running on your city and get enjoyment with excitement\ and enjoy all the time over there.
  • Discuss everything about the friendship, all the good times you had with your friends and the strength of the friends and friendship.
  • Try cooking along with your friends and make some tasty recipes if you are planning for a picnic and this will be good time pass activity on the friendship day.
  • Make a poster of a friendship day with the photos of all your friends or paint your friends names. Share the each copy of the poster with all your friends and they would keep it as memory.

Friendship Day Activities

All these friendship day activities and party ideas would be great if you plan it in a proper way on this year’s friendship day. So, choose one best activity or group of activities for the friendship day and fill all the day with joy and pleasure and return back home with all the beautiful memories that you shared with your friends on the friendship day. Hope, this post will give you an overview on how to celebrate with all your friends and all those you love. Have a great friendship day and have a blast with all your best buddies and close mates

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