Ramadan Sehri Dua ( Prayer) in English Urdu Arabic

When it comes to the Ramadan Sehri Dua, it is normally praise from Allah for the fulfillment of our needs. It further expresses our helplessness and dependence on Allah. Imploring is considered to be the channel which is normally used by the person to keep in touch with our Creator.

The purpose of prayer is the essence of worship' and according to another Hadeeth, it is the worship'. When we talk about the actions of worship, there are many for example, Salah, Sawm, Zakah, Hajj etc. are actions of worship, but dua is also the n act of worship. Just because of this importance, people take out sufficient time for the prayerin this holy month.

Now a days, people has becomehabitual of prayerin the ramzan. You can consider it a routine practice which is ormallt performed by the individuals at certain times of the day.Folks raise their hands for a few moments at the time of praying, uttering words deliberately, and even without knowing that these words would be fulfilled by ALLAH or not.

Ramadan sehri dua in english

  • Ramadan Sehri Dua in Urdu 

Ramadan Sehri Dua in urdu hindi

  • Ramadan sehri dua in Arabic

Ramadan sehri dua in arabic

  • Ramadan 1st – 2nd – 3rd ashra Duas ( Prayers ) 

Ramadan 1st - 2nd - 3rd ashra Duas


The best solution for solving problems is dua. Some people consider it as the devotion which is not difficult to practice. Even in the blessed months, demanding wishes will look like like hours but it is the best way to engage with Allah and communicate with him in our own favorable manner. Lack of concentration in this act shows that we perform otheractionsnormally, apparent, and the true spirit is also lacking. If you want to enjoy the Nearness of Allah in truly manner, we would unavoidably have found enjoyment in praying and imploring Him. We would have continuously touched an impatience to get back to Him, in open and in loneliness."Ramadan Sehri Dua "should be done in a heartedly manner because Allah will definitely answered our demands.

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